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PTSD - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Hypnotherapy has emerged as a credible, evidence-based treatment option for sufferers of PTSD.

PTSD is a series of symptoms that arise from a traumatic event or events which occurred in one’s life.

Symptoms of PTSD commonly consist of any combination of:

  1. Flashbacks

  2. Nightmares / bad dreams

  3. Anxiety disorders resulting in chronic physical pain, body tension, teeth grinding

  4. Over-reacting to situations

  5. Sudden outbursts of rage

  6. Unexplained fears or phobias

  7. Sleep difficulties

  8. Inability to relax - mind and body

  9. Stress, tension

  10. Inability to concentrate

  11. Loss of memory


With PTSD, certain situations, people or events can suddenly 'bring back' the feeling of the traumatic event. We call these triggers.

Hypnotherapy is an evidence-based treatment for PTSD and can effectively treat the symptoms as well as the underlying causes and can be used to reduce the stress, reduce symptoms, identify and bypass triggers, go deeper into memories if necessary, letting go and learning to find and develop a sense of peace.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent treatment for PTSD... Heal the triggers, heal the person.


Hypnotherapy in the Treatment of Chronic Combat-Related PTSD Patients Suffering From Insomnia: 

A Randomized, Zolpidem-Controlled Clinical Trial

There was a significant main effect of the hypnotherapy treatment with PTSD symptoms, as measured by the Post-traumatic Disorder Scale.

This effect was preserved at follow-up 1 month later.

Additional benefits for the hypnotherapy group were decreases in intrusion and avoidance reactions, and improvement in all sleep variables.

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