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After putting some testimonials here I've come to realise most people use "Google reviews" to leave a testimonial these days... and that's where mine are.

So here's also a link to my Google reviews... 

Nick is wonderful! Two sessions with Nick and my deep rooted, life long fear of water has almost totally gone. As someone who could barely even dip a toe in the ocean before, to someone who now goes snorkelling regularly and is currently enjoying surf lessons.
I went to my first session with Nick hopefull and open minded, but knowing myself how extreme my fear was, not too confident of any change.
A few days after my first session I took a trip to the beach and managed to get into the water up to my waist, a few weeks after my second session with Nick I was swimming freely in the ocean. It was all completely subconscious as i didn't feel anything had changed, but all of a sudden without even realising I was free from my life long fear!
Would highly recommend Nick to anyone with a phobia or anything that maybe limiting their day to day life. Thank you so much Nick ☺️

Kate Parkinson,

Mount Barker

”Nick became not only one of the very best practitioners I had ever had the pleasure of working with but became a true friend. He treated his patients with extreme professionalism, paying particular attention to their individual needs and more importantly delivered their expectations.
What more can you expect from an expert in his field. I would work with him again in a nano second if only he didn’t live on the other side of the world".

Julie Mackay,

Managing Director, Beresford Clinic

"Nick is a very talented acupuncturist. He has an uncanny knack of knowing what’s troubling you before you can even articulate it. One day I was driving home from a session when I noticed I was able to completely swivel my neck at a sharp-angled junction; something I used to find awkward and painful …… and yet I had not even mentioned this to Nick; he cured my neck anyway! He also completely cured the arthritis in my thumbs; so important for me as I use the computer a lot in my business.

To me, Nick is like a rock: very grounded; very trustworthy & reliable; a very safe pair of hands: all qualities I really love in a therapist. So much so that I decided to take the plunge and book some hypnotherapy sessions with him. I discovered he is quite simply the best hypnotherapist I have ever met. Over 6 sessions he helped me overcome some very deep seated unhelpful beliefs which had been sabotaging my business and my life. Since those sessions, my business has been transformed for the better.

I was once waiting for a session when another client walked past muttering “Marvelous Man”. I couldn’t have put it better myself".


Stock Trader

A wonderful practitioner, I’ve seen Nick on several occasions for multiple pain conditions which he has treated most successfully. I highly recommend his services, 5 stars.



Nick changed my entire life!

After initially seeking Nick's services for acupuncture to deal with physical pain, I shifted to hypnotherapy. I wouldn't say I was skeptical but I never thought that hypnotherapy could completely transform my world in as little as 8 weeks. Self-love, confidence, and strength were my primary. If you are a person that tends to blame external factors for things going awry then developing a better relationship with yourself through hypnotherapy is just for you.


Henley Beach

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