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Hypnotherapist and Acupuncturist

Nick Malyon  MSc. BHSc.(Acup) Dip.(Hypno)  AHPRA  IICT
Clinical Hypnotherapist   TCM Acupuncturist  & Herbalist
  20 years in practice - advanced health practitioner 

           As a passionate practitioner of both hypnotherapy and acupuncture my focus is always about treating both mind and body in order for my patients to become the very best they can be; pain free, empowered, healthy and inspired to live as they truly wish to live.


I first began my career as a Health practitioner gaining a 4 year Bachelor degree in Acupuncture and Chinese medicine in Brisbane over 20 years ago, followed by a Master's degree (MSc.) from LCTA/University of East London, UK and a Diploma of Hypnotherapy. Later I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to spend 6 months in a hospital in North eastern China (Harbin) for further advanced Traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

Now in Adelaide I treat all pain and disease, malfunctioning physiology, anxiety, sadness, depression, phobias, addictions, dealing with life's labours, no matter what and teaching skills which sadly most people are not taught in our modern world. Learning to be healthy, what negative thought patterns are, re-routing negative pathways of unpleasant life events, and how to feel empowered, enthusiastic, motivated, strong, free and downright fabulous!

For more information on each treatment please click on Hypnotherapy Acupuncture or Herbal medicine 

I also have projects running for empowering school children to be the best they can be, check out those on the Projects page.

I'm fully insured as a health professional through association membership of IICT (Hypnotherapy, Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine) and am a professionally registered with AHPRA (Australian government health practitioner registry) as an Acupuncturist and Herbalist (Chinese medicine practitioner).

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