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Around one million adults and 100,000 young people live with depression yearly. Depression is currently the leading cause of non-fatal disability in Australia.

In recent years there have been many high-quality research studies which have assessed the treatment of depression with clinical hypnotherapy very positively. Hypnotherapy is a very powerful tool for accessing the subconscious, and the subconscious, being amenable to positive change, allows for positive change to take place.

It allows healing and beneficial suggestion to occur, which does not happen easily in our usual daily state of consciousness.

Dr Alfred A Barrios reported the following success rates in the treatment of depression in the 'psychotherapy journal of the American Psychiatric Association'.

  • Hypnotherapy               93% recovery after 6 sessions       (about 1.5 months)

  • Behaviour Therapy      72% recovery after 22 sessions     (about 6 months)

  • Psychotherapy              38% recovery after 600 sessions  (about 11.5 months)

An impressive figure for Hypnotherapy, and clearly shows the problem of 'talking therapies' where the constant talking about a condition or trauma actually enhances it, makes it bigger, more prominent in one's daily life; literally the opposite of what we actually want.

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