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"A wonderful practitioner, I’ve seen Nick on several occasions for multiple pain conditions which he has treated most successfully. I highly recommend his services, 5 stars"

"Nick is wonderful! After two sessions with Nick, my deep-rooted, life-long fear of water has almost totally gone. As someone who could barely even dip a toe in the ocean before, to someone who now goes snorkeling regularly and is currently enjoying surf lessons"

"Nick changed my entire life!

After initially seeking Nick's services for acupuncture to deal with physical pain, I shifted to hypnotherapy. I wouldn't say I was skeptical but I never thought that hypnotherapy could completely transform my world in a matter of weeks. Self-love, confidence, and strength were my primary. If you are a person that tends to blame external factors for things going awry then developing a better relationship with yourself through hypnotherapy is just for you"


Welcome to my site and to your path of good health and well-being.

As a CLINICAL HYPNOTHERAPIST, ACUPUNCTURIST and MEDICAL HERBALIST of over 22 years my clinical practice is to take you to a superior state of health and wellbeing, no matter what your illness, pain level or condition. I will enable you to feel physically, mentally and emotionally healthier and more inspired, allowing you to enter a better-feeling, more contented lifestyle. I utilise my knowledge and years of experience in ACUPUNCTURE, HYPNOTHERAPY and HERBAL MEDICINE, in dietary therapy, positive mind-states, and personal growth and development to enable a better state of health and wellbeing. Working together we can turn around your condition, if its not heading in the direction you want, free physical or emotional pain, release fears, reverse bad habits into positive, and guide you to naturally find more peace, happiness and contentment.

Why not start now? Waiting till you think you're ready sometime in the future is the never-never. Take a big breath, in through the nose, hold it a few seconds, then let it all the way out.... as you do this give a great big 'sigh', let those shoulders drop, let your body soften, tell yourself you are absolutely worth it and give me a call...

0401 834 011

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Unveiling the most relaxing parts of you as well as freeing the parts that often get in your way.

You remain totally in control and aware in my empowering sessions and always leave feeling calm, enthused, and inspired.

Purifying the air 

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Flowing that internal movement fundamental to a pain-free existence and overall good health with Acupuncture and other techniques, Electro-acupuncture, Cupping and Tui-Na Chinese massage. 


Flowing the rivers

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Strengthening and harmonising internal organ and system health and wellness. Overcoming difficult health conditions. The most traditional of medicines used for thousands of years. 


Holding the earth


Nick Malyon Hypnotherapy & Acupuncture

Hilltop Natural Therapies

5/75 Main South Rd,


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