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Advice for clearing some of the effects of covid and the vaccination injury

A list of supplements and herbs below which will strengthen and benefit your immune system and its response to: 

  • Covid infection

  • Preventing 'long' covid or post viral syndrome

  • Clearing negative vaccine induced effects 

I have marked the supplements where they are most useful:

Fighting covid infection = *

Clearing after effects of covid or vaccine = *

Strengthening your immune system generally = *

Good and useful... but if you have to keep costs down = *

If you have any questions please feel free to give me a call.

1. QUERCETIN *** Quercetin is a flavanoid found in citrus fruit, berries, cherries, grapes and vegetables. It's taken to boost immunity, fight inflammation and maintain general good health.

Quercetin's great strength in our current times is that it helps get zinc into our cells (therefore it should be taken with a zinc supplement) similar to what hydroxychloroquine does, except Quercetin is available at most healthfood stores and HCQ (and Ivermectin) have been hidden by governments in order to increase vaccination uptake. 

2. ZINC *** Zinc is a very important and one of the strongest anti-viral supplements we have in the natural world. It should be used in conjunction with Quercetin for this particular purpose. 

3. VITAMIN C *** There are so many benefits to vitamin C that I couldn't possibly list them here. If you are on a covid treatment plan, a covid prevention plan or a clear negative vaccine effects plan, take a high dose, double or triple what it says on the bottle. Vitamin C should also be used in conjunction with Quercetin after all they are always found together in nature.

4. VITAMIN D3 *** Australians are commonly vitamin D3 deficient, especially those with sensitive skin who have to keep out of the sun. D3, like C, positively affects so many parts of your body including your immune system and has been shown to protect from the development of many serious illnesses in the future.


5. VITAMIN K2 *** Works in conjunction with D3 in strengthening the immune system. D3 + K2 sublingual sprays (under the tongue) can be found in most healthfood stores though I would also take a D3 gel capsule (10,000iu).


6. MAGNESIUM * Works in conjunction with D3. it has been noted that covid patients with low Mg and D3 do not do as well at fighting the infection.


7. IODINE * Iodine has been shown to help immune response to covid and help with vaccine adverse events.


8. ARTEMESININ ** from Sweet wormwood (Artemesia annua) -  An very important herb for helping the body clear spike proteins, in Chinese medicine, Qing Hao, an anti-malarial and is the herbal equivalent to Ivermectin. If buying this from healthfood store it could be labelled Artemisinin or Sweet wormwood.


9. IVERMECTIN Effective drug for covid and for adverse effects of the vaccine but probably hard to get. It needs to come from a GP... and dont believe all the negative hype from the media. 


“Ivermectin has been given to humans 3.7 billion times in the past 30 years. It’s totally safe and has been called a 'miracle drug'. Its creators won a Nobel Prize (2015) in Medicine for inventing it and the WHO puts it on a list of ‘must have drugs’ for any country”.

Of course this was not for covid in 2015 but if it works it works, right... though this would have put a very big hole in Big Pharma's $trillion massive profits. 

10. REISHI MUSHROOM ** In Chinese medicine this is called Ling Zhi and I use it a lot. It's a powerful strengthening and support herb for the immune system.

11. NAC (N-Acetyl-Cysteine) *** The supplement form of cysteine an amino acid and precursor to glutathione (below), a powerful anti-oxidant and possibly your boy's most important anti-oxidant.

12. GLUTATHIONE *** A powerful anti-oxidant spike protein neutraliser and inhibitor

13. FISH OIL * Fish oil is a good supplement to be on in general. It does have a slight blood thinning action so this could be how it helps with the virus spike protein and post vaccination spike protein but this is also the reason why it should not be taken if you are on blood thinning medication.

14. TURMERIC (CURCUMIN) * Or in my Chinese pharmacy, Jiang Huang. This is also an excellent anti-viral and anti-inflammatory herb but should not be taken if you're on any blood thinning medication.

There are many other beneficial herbs and foods that may suit you. I have listed some here for you to further investigate: 

Milk Thistle, Frankincense, Nigella seeds, Black pepper, Dandelion leaf, Cinnamon, Spirulina, Neem, Jasmine tea, Green tea, Fennel tea, Star anise tea, pine needle tea.

If your concern is more about the stress, worry, anxiety or pressure brought on by this whole situation then please visit my hypnotherapy website and book in for a session and we'll regain that positivity and joy.

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